New Everything


Hi everyone! It has been about a month since I last posted. During that time, I went to Taiwan, started and finished intensive summer schedule at my old school, moved, and transferred schools. At my new school I have a more flexile schedule. Instead of wasting all that valuable personal time. I WILL be productive.

My friend Sarah, over at Mapping Words, had mentioned that she had a positive experience with Matador U. They offer courses to improve writing skills, photography skills, and video editing skills. All with a focus on travel blogging and travel journalism. I signed up for the writing and photography courses because they are two areas that I have fallen out of touch with. You will probably see lots of assignments over the next twelve weeks. Hopefully the content and format of my posts improves to better fit what I’m trying to carry out here on T.E.T.



About travelingenglishteacher

I want to see how many things I can cross off my travel bucket list in five years.
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2 Responses to New Everything

  1. Sarah Shaw says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Sean! I hope you enjoy the course. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!^^

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