Merry Month of May

May has overflowed with activities! Unfortunately, I have spent too much time neglecting the blog. Here’s an update of what I’ve been up to:

  • I went south three weekends ago to Busan. I took the KTX bullet train for the first time (82. Travel by bullet train). If you come to Korea, go visit Busan! As the second largest city in Korea, it’s a great juxtaposition to Seoul. The slower paced beach atmosphere lulls your senses and releases any pent-up city tension. This was my second time visiting, yet I really haven’t done much sightseeing. I enjoy keeping it as a party getaway. Eventually I’ll get around to seeing the landmarks.

  • All through May, there have been preparations for Buddha’s birthday (this past Monday, the 28th). There is an annual lantern parade and festival, usually mid-month. Lanterns were strung up all over the city. I was lucky enough to make it to the parade. It has by far been the most orderly procession of participants I’ve been to.

  •  78). Witness the magic of a KPOP concert. Yes, I succeeded in crossing off another item from my bucket list. Apparently, B-list KPOP stars give a free concert on the Hongik University campus (more commonly known as Hongdae) every year. This was another event that was extremely orderly and calmer than an American concert.

About travelingenglishteacher

I want to see how many things I can cross off my travel bucket list in five years.
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