A weekend of knock-offs

Despite an early Friday night, this has been one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time.

On Saturday I attempted “over-achiever” status by meeting my friends at 11am. We utterly failed, but eventually made our way south to Yeouido Island in hopes to see the cherry blossoms. The island is home to five parks. We thought one of these parks would have the beautiful petals. Unfortunately mother nature doesn’t do things logically. It has just started to warm up in Seoul and cherry blossoms need steady spring weather to bloom. This is what we expected to see everywhere:

But, this is what we ended up seeing:

After finding some bathrooms, chicken and beer, we were content sitting down while taking in some sunshine. While we devoured the food my friend heard through a friend of a friend that he wanted to take us to a club in Itaewon that was going to host a burlesque performance by the Pussycat Dolls. That sounded interesting enough. We made plans to go in hopes that they were the real Pussycat Dolls and not a Korean tribute group.

This is a cinemagram I made at the club. It’s a cool app that lets you create GIF files (you have to click on the picture to see the movement). Anyways, after we got in, we realized that it was the Pussycat Doll Burlesque Troupe. I doubt any of the current members were there, but their performance was cool.

I reserved Sunday for Lotte World. For those of you outside of Seoul, Lotte World is Korea’s Disney World. I HAD A BLAST! I mean, you’d have to have a heart of freezing granite not to enjoy something like this.

If you come to Korea, Lotte World has to make your list of things to do in Seoul. Connected to the park is a mega mall and hotel incase amusement parks aren’t your thing. In true Korean fashion, the complex does not hold anything back. 

I know what your thinking, this guy went to Disney World and is trying to pass it off as a Korean amusement park. Nope, that is what greets visitors to the Magic Island. This is their logo looks like:

There are a few similarities between Disney and Lotte, just saying. Even though I had a weekend full of closed flowers, fake Pussycat Dolls, and a Korean Disney World, it was fantastic! Who says an experience should be the real thing?


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I want to see how many things I can cross off my travel bucket list in five years.
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