Where to start?

So, I kind-of-sorta am cheating….but not by much. I am able to cross off a few things from my list because I completed them before I started this blog. In my defense, I am counting the day I stepped foot in Korea (July 28th, 2011) as the starting point of my five-year quest. I have until July 28th, 2016 to complete as many items on my bucket list.

Here’s what I’ve done thus far:

4. Climb the Great Wall of China

5. Visit Japan

37. Visit the seven continents….I can cross off Asia, Europe, and North America

41. Live on at least five continents….Asia and North America

48. Visit every country in South and Central America….so far only Costa Rica. I had a layover in Managua, Nicaragua which I don’t count. That’s like saying you meet Lady Gaga when you only went to her concert….and had nose bleed seats.

58. Point to something random on a menu and enjoy the dish. A few weeks ago when some friends and I went out to eat, an enthusiastic shop owner beckoned us into his seafood restaurant. Korean barbecue is never boring. Now add a language barrier, phallic shaped meat pieces, or white tendrils growing from the meat the longer they cooked. That’s dinner and a show! We found out later that we had 곰장어 or eel. Not the most handsome looking meal, but I’d eat it again.


With these little cheats in mind, I want to shoot for at least twenty more experiences. I will be adding more to my list eventually, because “Top 74 travel experiences” doesn’t have a nice round ring to it.


About travelingenglishteacher

I want to see how many things I can cross off my travel bucket list in five years.
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